Friday, December 11, 2009

Software: DVDVideoSoft Update

DVDVideoSoft updated the free programms:

- Free YouTube Download
- Free YouTube to MP3 Converter
- Free YouTube to iPod Converter
- Free YouTube to iPhone Converter


1. From now on DVDVideoSoft Free YouTube Download will be able to download video from YouTube in quality preset HD1080.

2. Unicode is now applicable for all YouTube programs. Now for example a German or English language user can download videos with title in any other language, for example, in Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew etc.

3. The following error: “The program was not able to create the output-file. Most problably you don’t have enough rights to create files or folders on this drive” – is fixed for the current YouTube settings and hopefully it will not bother you any more.

4. DVDVideoSoft programs used to have Cleaner.exe. This program seemed to be suspicious to DVDVideoSoft users and it was blocked by some antivirus programs, but in fact it is just DVDVideoSoft uninstall program! That is why now DVDVideoSoft changed name of the program for DVSUnistall.exe for everyone’s convenience.

5. Temporary folder where DVDVideoSoft programs store video files downloaded from YouTube maybe easily substituted by desired folder on making some changes in Windows Registry.

6. The button “Check for Updates” will direct you to DVDVideoSoft website page in the language used in your program.

All the updates are included in new release of Free Studio.

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