Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot Demo

Stargate Studios' Virtual Backlot™ is a proprietary technology that gives filmmakers unparalleled access to any location through a variety of techniques. These can range from totally immersive sequences shot entirely on green screen to simple set extensions that marry into principal photography.

The common thread between all the variations of the Virtual Backlot™ is that it has been designed as a seamless and unobtrusive addition to the first unit. The goal is to enhance the story as well as solve production issues. Each production has unique challenges and needs and the Stargate Virtual Backlot™ aims to meet those challenges and needs in a creative and cost effective manner.

Author: Stargate Studios

1 comment:

Ann Parry NY said...

Wow, HEARING about green screens & virtual backlots is one thing, but SEEING the before and after scenes is another, totally more powerful experience. Fantastic!

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