Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FotoTV releases 150th video

16th Dec 2009, Cologne – The InternetTV about photography – FotoTV, has today released its 150th video online at FotoTV has a vast collection of videos about all aspects of photography including photography techniques, interviews with famous photographers, editing tutorials and more. It adds two new videos every week to this collection. FotoTV’s stock of videos together with the new videos added weekly, helps it retain its position as world’s largest InternetTV about photography.

The founder and CEO of FotoTV, Marc Ludwig says, ‘We are delighted to reach another milestone. Our 150th video is also a special one, as it features David Douglas Duncan, the world renowned photojournalist. In this video, David Douglas Duncan speaks exclusively to FotoTV, sharing the story behind some of his pictures that brought him world fame’.

Other photographers who feature in the recently released videos include, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Anders Peterson, Willy Ronis, Paolo Roversi, Mitch Epstein, Elliot Erwitt and more.

Adds Marc Ludwig, ‘ Reaching 150 videos was definitely arduous but it was also a lot of fun. We are really happy to see the English incarnation of FotoTV catch up with its German sister site, which is the biggest of its kind in the world.’

In the last few months, FotoTV has been steadily gaining traction amongst photography enthusiasts around the world. The founder and CEO further adds, ‘ We can’t wait to get the 800 and odd videos that we have already shot, up and running for our subscribers. We hope that our plans to target english speaking regions through pays off and soon FotoTV will be popular in these regions as it is currently in the german speaking countries’.

About FotoTV

FotoTV is that world’s biggest WebTV/InternetTV on photography. A huge collection of 600 videos spans all aspects of photography. Every video demonstrates through an expert photographer a photo technique, a lighting setup, a portfolio or post productions tips.The videos are based on the principle of “Learn by watching the Experts” through videos on the Internet – a hugely popular trend nowadays.15 of these videos can be viewed for free upon registration and the rest of the collection, including the two new videos added every week, is available at 85 USD per year.

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