Wednesday, December 30, 2009

3D Cube in PowerPoint

This tutorial covers how to make a 3D cube using PowerPoint:
1. Download template from office(.)microsoft(.)com (search picture effects).
2. New slide.
3. Reuse slide.
4. Browse.
5. Pick slide 9.
6. Right-click then chance picture.
7. Crop as required and tweek.

Author: c130bulldawg
Category: Education
Tags: Microsoft PowerPoint 3D picture effects animated static shadow


José said...

Hi, good video. Another approach would be to use the ready-made templates that contains 3D boxes and cubes created with shapes or other objects. For example, you can get some ideas from this free cube PowerPoint template that you can download from SlideHunter

José said...

El link correcto es este Rubik Cube PowerPoint Template. Saludos!

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