Monday, December 14, 2009

Graphic Leftovers - New Features, More Options and a Great New Look

Graphic Leftovers has a sleek new look, but that's not all...they have added lots of new features for both buyers and sellers to increase sales and make it easier to upload and manage your artwork. Here are just a few of the recently added features:

• Online live chat feature for instant help
• More payment options for buyers: PayPal and Google Checkout
• New multiple file uploader with IPTC support for large portfolios
• iSyndica partner for fast portfolio uploading
• Faster site performance
• EPS and JPEG file formats to increase sales for non-vector buyers
• Improved search with enhanced filters
• Merchandise and Ultimate licenses available
• My Favorites feature
• More helpful site information and better organization
• Robust account area with stats and helpful tools
• Moneybookers and PayPal payout options
• Referral program for buyers and sellers
• Search within Seller's portfolio
• 20% and 30% bonus for deposits of $50 or more
• 100+ refreshed featured images on home page

Earn 52% on Sales of New Licenses
Due to popular demand, they are now offering two new extended licenses: Merchandise ($45) and Ultimate ($85). Sellers wanting to offer these licenses will earn 52% of the sale price. You can add this new licensing to your images, in the edit mode of your portfolio. If you have a large portfolio and would like to participate, please email them and they can add the licenses automatically. Please read the full details of the new licenses so you are well informed.

Referral Program for Buyers & Sellers
Start referring buyers and sellers to Graphic Leftovers and maximize your earning potential!

Refer a buyer and earn 15% of their deposits
For example: A buyer referred from your website or a email link, deposits $20 into their account on Graphic Leftovers. You instantly earn 15% or $3. You will continue to earn 15% each time that buyer makes future deposits.

Refer a seller and earn 5% of their net sales
For example: You refer a seller who uploads graphics selling for $5 each. Each time one of their graphics is downloaded, the seller receives a net sale of $2.60. You will earn 5% or 13¢ for each sale.

If you are a seller, you are instantly enrolled. Go to your account to find your referral badges and links. Lean more on how the referral program works.

Fast Multiple File Uploading with IPTC Support Now Available
Now you can upload 1 or 1,000 files using our Flash multiple file uploader with IPTC support directly on the site. They do have new file preparation requirements, so please review before uploading. Please note that you must have the current Flash plugin and Javascript enabled to utilize this uploading tool. If you are currently uploading via FTP, you may continue to do so.

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