Friday, December 18, 2009

BenVista releases PhotoZoom Classic 3

ARNHEM, December 17, 2009 -- Today a new title has been added to BenVista's digital image enlargement software series PhotoZoom.

Following to their release of a new Pro version last Summer, BenVista now released PhotoZoom Classic 3.

With the new product, BenVista strives for widening the PhotoZoom user base. While the Pro version is designed mainly for professionals, PhotoZoom Classic 3 aims at home users. Accessibility forms a key factor here, both with respect to ease-of-use and pricing. Nonetheless, quality has been maintained as much as possible.

BenVista's CEO, D. Schoolwerth, explains: "The fact that PhotoZoom Classic 3 is designed for home users certainly does not prevent it from producing professional results. The software is equipped with BenVista's award-winning, patented S-Spline resize technologies. That includes S-Spline XL, a technology which until recently has only been offered by the more expensive PhotoZoom Pro 2, and which is known for its image enlargements of outstanding quality".

With regard to ease-of-use, Schoolwerth continues: "PhotoZoom Classic
3 offers a number of S-Spline based presets that were specially designed for different types of images. With these presets a lot of preliminary work has already been done, and the user won't have to bother with technical settings. Results can be compared with one another in a large preview window. This way the user is able to determine in a fast and convenient way which preset is most suitable for enlarging the given image. For example: there is a preset that suppresses noise and compression artifacts. Perfect for images from the Internet!".

PhotoZoom Classic 3 runs as a stand-alone application, and is available for both Mac OS X and Windows. Free demo versions can be downloaded directly from the BenVista website:

Also, BenVista offers various upgrade options to registered users.

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