Monday, December 14, 2009

Hasselblad Phocus 2.0 Out Now!

14/12/2009 The Hasselblad family is proud to announce the addition of the newest member of our evolving family, Phocus Version 2.0.

As most photographers know, the Hasselblad range of digital cameras produces some of the sharpest, most detailed, and highest resolution images currently available. In order to get the most from these incredible files, we have developed a powerful processing toolbox that not only gets every nuance and detail out of the world’s largest raw image files, but enables advanced processing and image enhancement techniques. And now, with the launch of Phocus 2.0, the world’s most powerful image processing software has grown even stronger.

Phocus 2 boasts a range of new features, such as an improved user interface that drastically reduces the learning curve for high-end imaging. Even if new to Phocus, the average photographer will be able up to speed in less than 15 minutes.

Phocus 2.0 features increased speed, increased functionality, and the ultimate processing quality for Hasselblad digital images. Phocus enables photographers to reap the full benefits of the precision optics in Hasselblad lenses, providing automatic digital lens corrections for color aberration, distortion and vignetting, the Hasselblad Natural Color Solution (HNCS) for outstanding and faithful colors, automatic moiré removal directly upon raw data, preserving image detail.

Highlights of the new software

* Advanced Highlights Recovery, Shadow Fill and Clarity tool
* Ability to use floating tools
* Loupe function
* Customization options of the user interface
* Scene Calibration tool for equalizing intensity and removing cast
* Lens optimization for all Carl Zeiss lenses
* Advanced Histogram controls
* Extended preview controls during tethered capture

Phocus can be seen as yet another step in Hasselblad’s efforts to provide the most advanced technology and the most uncompromising image quality in a format that is simple to learn and to use. So that you can concentrate on what’s really important - your photography.

To download or get a free demo of this exciting new software or to simply read more about what’s new in Phocus 2.0, click here.

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