Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Software: Jalbum 8.3 “Turbo” loaded with improvements

This release looks pretty much the same on the outside, but don't let the surface fool you. Jalbum 8.3 is packed with improvements under the hood. For instance, twice the speed on smooth image scaling, and a significantly faster and tighter album publishing. They have also made it easier to import settings from previous album projects so you can make a new album with the same settings as another album in a snap. Jalbum 8.3 can now print your images to your own printer. It also has a new “Instant preview” function that lets you generate a rough preview of your album using the selected skin and style settings in a split second! Play with it by browsing through skins and styles, then press F3! Download Jalbum here.

Jalbum 8.3.1 TURBO

  • Faster image scaling
  • Turbo uploading of photo albums
  • Instant preview

News and updates
  • Updated several languages. Thank you dear translators!
  • Jalbum now informs users of expired Jalbum accounts when publishing
  • Skin developers can now add their own 35 mm focal length multipliers for new cameras (see Cameras class)

Bug fixes
  • Publishing albums and deleting empty folders on Jalbum accounts could result in a "No such file" error with Jalbum versions older than 8.2
  • Mac version was missing media rss template file
  • The bundled file wasn't the most recent one

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