Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Zatista Introduces a New Way to Discover Original Art

New Online Marketplace Raises the Bar for Discovering and Purchasing Art Online

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - May 5, 2009) - Two former eBay colleagues, Pete Borowsky and Randy Engler announce today the launch of Zatista (www.zatista.com), a new online marketplace for original works of art. Zatista aims to break down the barriers many buyers experience when trying to discover and buy original art.

As a new homeowner, Pete Borowsky (Founder and CEO of Zatista) discovered that finding quality original wall art was proving to be a challenge. Taking time with his wife to visit galleries in New York and Philadelphia with three small children in tow was simply not an option, and the few Internet art sites he found seemed cluttered and unfocused, or full of prints and reproductions. "I knew there had to be a better way to go about finding great original art."

Zatista makes discovering, learning about, and buying art easy and comfortable. Intuitive search tools allow visitors to browse major categories of art like paintings and photography while easily narrowing their search along specific criteria such as style, medium, size, color, and price with a click of a button. Once a work of art is selected, the prospective buyer can use Zatista's "See in a Room," or "Zoom-In" tools to get a better sense of the texture and detail in the work and also how it would look in scale to a typical room setting such as a bedroom or living room.

For people that are totally new to buying art, or would like to learn some of the basics around art, Zatista has created a patent pending "Art Explorer" and accompanied it with a full ART101 section. These two parts of the site work in tandem to help a customer learn what their tastes and styles might be and then give that customer the ability to learn more about these tastes and styles.

Emerging and established artists, and galleries, looking to expand their reach beyond their local or regional markets, will find Zatista an exciting new channel to reach prospective buyers around the world. Zatista adds to this a sophisticated and intuitive site design that showcases work in a straightforward way, placing the art first.

With over 1,200 works of art listed at launch and even more being listed daily, Zatista covers an extremely broad range of styles, mediums and prices. An expansive selection, site features tailored specifically for discovering and buying art, and an elegantly designed site, bring a level of convenience to art buyers that has not existed before, positioning Zatista as the go-to online destination for fine and contemporary art and photography.

About Zatista
Zatista's mission is to create an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of fine and contemporary original art by providing a safe, and comfortable environment in which to discover and purchase high-quality original art.

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