Friday, May 29, 2009

PantherMedia Launches New Microstock Offering: Reduced Prices, Credit-Payment and Image Subscription Offering

Munich (GERMANY), 28th MAY 2009 (CEPIC) - PantherMedia, the biggest original German mid- and microstock agency with over one million royalty-free images, today announced its new microstock offering: besides reducing the prices for single images by more than 80%, images can now be purchased using the new credit-payment system or an image subscription plan.

The outstanding feature of the new image subscription plan from PantherMedia: it is not based on the „Images-per-Day“ model like elsewhere, but on the new „Subscription Points-per-Day“ model. This allows picture buyers to scale the subscription plan due to their individual needs.

Besides the image purchase with credits or via the new subscription plan, the purchase of single images on invoice for web and print usage will still remain.

Acquiring Single Images with Credits
With its superlow prices PantherMedia´s new microstock offering is an attractive way for SOHOs, designers, bloggers and private customers to buy affordable imagery with credits.
Single images can be bought for as low as $0.80 with credits. Credits can be bought in different packages and sizes and start at $13.90 for 10 credits up to $3,990.90 for 5,000 credits (all prices excluding VAT).
Besides lower prices than purchasing images on invoice, this new credit payment system enables the image buyer to instantly download images without using the shopping cart or paying single invoices any longer. A comprehensive overview about PantherMedia´s new microstock offering for image buyers can be found here:

New Subscription Points-per-Day Based Image Subscription
Single images can be downloaded starting at one Subscription Point (as low as $0.20) in PantherMedia´s new Subscription Points-per-Day image subscription plans.
Image subscriptions can be acquired in various packages with a 3, 6 or 12 months period and with 10, 30, 60 or 120 Subscription Points-per-Day and start at $75.00/month (all prices excluding VAT).
Image buyers can now configure individual packages which fit their needs. A complete overview on PantherMedia´s new Subscription Points-per-Day model can be found here:

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