Tuesday, May 19, 2009

100 Free Online Tools and Resources to Take Pictures of Space

Very interesting link collection at the Photography Colleges blog.

100 Free Online Tools and Resources to Take Pictures of Space

By L. Fabry

Space photography has come a long way since the early missions of the sixties. Decades later, advanced technologies let us explore farther and capture images better. Below are the best 100 sites and resources to help you become a better photographer. They include guides, tips, free courses, and thousands of astronomical photos to get you inspired.

Must See Images

Visit these websites for images from top institutions and the latest in space exploration. They include everything from the tiniest moon to the largest galaxies.

1. HubbleSite: View some of the most awe inspiring images from the world’s most powerful camera. Get the newest images, the story behind them, and much more.

2. NSSDC Photo Gallery: From NASA comes this extensive collection of space images. You can get pictures of all the planets, and even a few of asteroids and comets.

3. Heavens Above: This site has an array of classic space photography from the 19th century. You can also get contemporary images as well.

4. NASA Image Exchange: NIX allows visitors to view any of the thousands of photographs taken by NASA. Search by keyword or subjects such as aeronautics, space flights, and solar system.


For the complete list click here.

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