Saturday, May 9, 2009

Amherst Media Announces the Launch of Two New Blogs for Serious Photographers

These new blogs from Amherst Media offer a wealth of information for photographers to learn and grow from. Taken from the pages of Amherst Media's best-selling photography books authored by many of the photography industry greats. Packed with images, diagrams and helpful tips for photographers.

Buffalo, NY (PRWEB) May 9, 2009 -- Photography book publisher Amherst Media launches two new blogs for photographers based on their best-selling books. Also featuring exclusive content not featured in the books, author interviews, guest posts and much more!

'Once viewed as a near-deplorable way to make a living, wedding photography now draws the best and brightest photographers into it's ranks. It is an art form that is virtually exploding with creativity- and with wedding budgets seeming knowing no bounds, the horizons of wedding photography seem limitless.' --Bill Hurter, editor of Rangefinder Magazine

With that in mind Amherst Media has created The Wedding Photographer to inform and inspire photographers.

'A portrait is, at its most basic roots, a description of the likeness of a person. However, that is the very least a portrait will do - and a truly great portrait will go far beyond this minimum.' -- Bill Hurter

"A portrait 'is an image that invites your imagination to reach beyond the obvious.'" -- J.J. Allen

The Portrait Photographer combines the most current tips and techniques in lighting, posing and composition being used by professional photographers.

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