Saturday, May 9, 2009

all in all it’s just another brick in the wall...

Milan (ITALY), 7 MAY 2009 - CuboImages enjoys the Cooliris technology and Cooliris 1.10: a special browser plugin to view images in CuboImages website as “in on an infinite and interactive wall providing a lightning fast and visually stunning way to view photos”.

After completing a few months ago the new website with new engine and graphics, today CuboImages announces the introduction of a very new feature which dramatically improves the navigation through the search function in its website, thanks to the technology of Cooliris Inc, and its new browser plugin that “…transforms the PC in a full-screen 3D Wall that speeds up search on images”.

“The Cooliris 1.10 plugin is an incredible improvement which gives to our Clients a completely new and exciting searching experience helping them to focus only on what they need!!! – commented Paolo Reda CEO of CuboImages.
According to the Cooliris staff, the browser plugin Cooliris 1.10 offers “…a lightning fast cinematic way to enjoy images…”

To enable the power of Cooliris it is very easy: it is enough to download from the Cooliris website the free of charge Cooliris 1.10 plugin (there are specific plugins for all the most popular browsers) and that’s all! Now every selection of images done can be viewed in the normal way or, in alternative, clicking on the “View Photo with Cooliris” button, in a “3d navigation view” and providing all the images as on an infinite and interactive wall.

About CuboImages: founded by Paolo Reda and Eddy Buttarelli in 2003, CuboImages is the Italian leading travelling photoagency. It is based in Milan, Italy and its archive consists of more than 400,000 images of travel, lifestyle, food and plants.

About Cooliris, Inc: founded in January 2006 with a simple mantra: "Think beyond the browser". It focuses on creating products that make discovering and enjoying the Web more exciting, efficient, and personal.

For further information about CuboImages, please contact:
Damiano Zanderighi, Partner
Ph. +39 02 45 49 8032

For further information about Cooliris, please see:

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