Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tamron Develops Two Mega-pixel/IR-Corrected 1/3"-format Vari-Focal Lenses

Tamron Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Saitama City; President: Morio Ono) today announced the development of two 1/3"-format 2.8-8mm F/1.2 Vari-Focal lenses (Models M13VM288IR/M13VG288IR) that are compatible with 3-Mega-pixel-Day/Night cameras and deliver full high-definition 1080p images over the entire focal length range, both in visible and near-infrared light ranges.

The Development Concept
As a result of the rising demand for higher image quality in security systems, requirements for higher pixel sensors are increasing. In addition to this trend, the demand for Mega-pixel Day/ Night cameras for night time surveillance is also increasing. To meet the trends and needs of the market, Tamron engineers challenged the themselves to expand the specifications of Mega -pixel camera lenses and have successfully developed two new, state-of-the-art Vari-Focal lenses that are compatible with even 3-Mega -pixel-resolution systems and at the same time correcting the shift in focus for the Day/ Night function.

Main Features

1. High performance 3 Mega-Pixel Lenses
Through the use of an Aspherical element and a special LD (Low Dispersion) optical glass material in its advanced optical system, the new Vari-Focal lenses realize high optical performance that is a perfect match for 3-Mega -pixel cameras, delivering high image quality equivalent to 1080p full high-definition. At the same time, the lenses featurea fast maximum open aperture of F/1.2 that helps to increase the sensitivity of the camera.

2. Accomplished Mega-Pixel resolution even in "Night Mode"
This is a "TRUE" Day/ Night Mega-Pixel Lens.
Tamron succeeded in making a dream come true. With conventional Day/ Night cameras, the resolution in "Night Mode" was normally lower than that of the "Color Mode". With these new models, 3 Mega-pixel resolution is achieved throughout the entire wavelength range from "Visible Light" to "Near Infrared Light", making it possible to deliver 3 Mega-pPixel resolution in the "Night Mode".

3. 100 degree horizontal angle, Super-wide-angle lens
Tamron has made a wide angle 2.8-8mm Vari-Focal lens that delivers Mega-pixel resolution image quality. The wide horizontal angle of view, 100.1 degrees, makes it possible to cover the entire room when positioning the camera in a room corner.

4. Clear images without color smear by minimizing chromatic aberration
The new Mega-Pixel-IR -corrected lenses use an optical design pursuing minimization of chromatic aberration to the maximum extent in order to realize clear images without color smear. In addition, by employing advanced countermeasures against light reflection on the lens surface including multi-layer coatings, Tamron engineers have successfully minimized the light reflection, realizing clear images without ghosting and flare.

5. Highly accurate mechanical construction for derives the highest performance from the advanced optical design
In designing the new Mega-Pixel-IR -corrected Vari-Focal lenses, Tamron enhanced the precision of each part and component, and shifted to mass-production by using advanced manufacturing technologies. Before shifting to mass-production, all structural causes that are likely to lead to image degradation, including image displacement and one-sided blur, were eliminated.

6. Mega-pixel-compatible performance, yet compact like conventional models
The new Mega-Pixel-IR -corrected Vari-Focal lenses realize virtually the same compactness as the conventional models (M13VM308/M13VG308 30.0-8mm F/1.0 lenses).

7. Designed to match the new camera technology
The amount of protrusion of the rear element from the lens mount is reduced in order to prevent interference with components within the camera. As a result, the lenses can be mounted on almost all camera models.

*Specifications and external appearance are subject to change without notice.
*Released herewith is information available on the date of announcement of the development (March 8, 2010)

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