Monday, March 1, 2010

New Roundshot D2x - maximum ease and productivity for 360° panoramic images

Lustdorf / Switzerland – 23 February 2010. Swiss company Seitz Phototechnik AG introduces the new Roundshot D2x, a panoramic 360° camera allowing maximum convenience and fast results.

As all Roundshot cameras the new Roundshot D2x rotates in a circle of up to 360° and captures a seamless panorama in one go. The panoramic image is instantly ready, no digital combination (stitching) of images is required.

Designed for simplicity and productivity, the new Roundshot D2x camera allows the capture of a 2x full HD still image in just a few seconds. With a vertical image resolution of 2,048 pixels the camera can create high quality reproductions or virtual reality on-screen presentations (double full screen) with immediate output.

The new camera accepts either fisheye or standard Nikkor lenses of any focal length which makes it a very versatile and flexible instrument. For example, with a 10.5mm Nikkor fisheye lens the Roundshot D2x captures a 10 million pixel panorama in just 5 seconds.

To adjust the field of view vertically the camera head can be tilted upwards or downwards by +/- 15°.

For capture control, preview and storage a computer, either an intel-based Mac or a PC laptop, is connected to the camera.

The camera uses the same advanced image processing and capture software as her bigger sister, the Roundshot D3. The images can be saved as raw (dng) files or directly saved as TIFF or JPEG images.

Available in 2 versions, the base D2x or the advanced D2xs (speed) with faster data transfer, the camera is valued at CHF 14,500 / Euro 9,700 (Roundshot D2x) and CHF 16,500 / Euro 11,000 (Roundshot D2xs).

Visit the Roundshot D2x product website for further information or the Roundshot D2x image gallery:

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