Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2009 Masters Portfolios Showcased on Hasselblad.com

An eclectic showcase of portfolios from the 10 new Hasselblad Masters awaits you at Hasselblad.com.

For the competition, all participating photographers submitted 10 images in their photo category. Now the winners’ portfolios are available for viewing on the Hasselblad site.

As a collection, the winners’ portfolios are inspired, communicative, and beautiful . . . they are young, old, western, eastern, classical, experimental, traditional, modern, and futuristic. Their creators are masters - of the art and craft of photography, and of conveying an instant, an emotion, with images.

HP, Broncolor, Hahnemuhle, and SanDisk are program sponsors.

The final date for Hasselblad Masters 2010 submissions is December 31, 2010. To enter the competition, click here.

Text by Alice B. Miller

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