Sunday, June 14, 2009

Zymmetrical News: New features update

Zymmetrical - Many new exciting new features and upgrades have been taking place on Zymmetrical recently, so much so we have been hardly able to keep up on communications about what has been updated. Here is a quick summary of recent changes:

1. Site layout changed to full-screen width to please designers with large screens

2. Completely new social interaction system, example visible here. Some highlights from this system include:

* Twitter Integration - optionally add your Twitter account info (no worries, fully encrypted and secure) and whenever you enter an entry in the "Journal" it will automatically post it to Twitter too.
* Groups and Profiles - Make your own groups and add friends and associates, highly customizable profile fields
* Private Messaging - New and improved, with instant popup new message notification across the site
* Unique Privacy Settings - You can share as much or as little info as you like, every profile field has multiple options for privacy
* Accept, Reject or Ignore - Full control over who you interact with
* Advanced Member Profile Search - More options, faster connections
* Photo gallery - Easy to use, post and share images
* Activity Feeds - See who is doing what in realtime
* Unique Web Addresses (coming soon) - Get a pretty vanity URL like ""

There is really too much to list here, and we are still in progress with rolling this out and integrating it throughout the site, so have a look and stay tuned!

3. Improved suggestion box at Have an idea for improvements or pet peeve with an existing site feature? Quickly and easily get your idea documented, and voted on by other members. See something in there you like? Vote it up!

4. New Blog system at Nothing revolutionary here but it was getting lonely on the old blog system, so we have now added Comments, Trackbacks and some other features essential for a healthy blogging experience.

5. Weekly email sales report is now available in the Sales Manager. If you would like other kinds of reports, just drop an idea in the suggestion box.

6. Two exciting projects going on behind the scenes in our Labs, not much can be shared at this point other than they are all ground-breaking and great for Artists. Check back on the Labs page soon for a preview of these projects.

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