Monday, June 1, 2009

Online Product Demos, Tips, Tutorials Enrich H3DII Owner Experience

The hottest H3DII resource available today on the Hasselblad website is “The H3DII Virtual Experience.”

A multimedia program, “The H3DII Virtual Experience” enables you to tour the camera system, experience its myriad features, watch the software at work, see photographers work on different projects, and gain insight into how they work and use the equipment.

The “Virtual Experience” presents a Product Overview comprised of segments on the H3DII Camera System, Phocus, and Shooting Gallery segments, as well as a section dedicated to The Studio.
Video highlights include the features and benefits of the award-winning H3DII System:

- the camera’s incredible image quality and intuitive handling
- the integrated Mac- and PC-compatible Phocus software
- diverse dedicated lens line
- accessories - including the well-received HTS 1.5 tilt-and-shift adapter

The Studio segment takes you behind the scenes with Hasseblad H3DII shooters: Gregor Halenda, still life; Andy Ryan, architecture; and portrait/fashion photographer August Bradley. You may choose to “attend” one, two, or all three of these up-close online shoots.

Get the Virtual Experience here

To further enrich your online experience, check out “Hasselblad in Motion,” another quality video presentation which delivers tips and tricks to help you get the most from your Hasselblad gear, learn more about the Hasselblad product line, and meet some of the talented shooters who use Hasselblad cameras in their daily work.

These Tech Tips, Product Spotlight, and User Profiles are highly enlightening, informative, and entertaining. While there is no substitute for a live, hands-on demo, “The H3DII Virtual Experience” brings you as close as possible to the real thing.

Watch the videos here

And while you’re on the Hasseblad website, be sure to vote for your favorite 2009 Master and images.

Watch and vote here

Text by Alice B. Miller

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