Thursday, June 18, 2009

Heritage Images launches new look website

17 JUNE 2009 - (CEPIC) - Heritage Images today announces its improved and new look site. The website,, has a new interface, which is aesthetically more appealing and offers the end user a more user-friendly experience. Purchasing and researching from the Heritage Images website is considerably simpler and trouble-free.

Below there is a list of some of the improvements and new features on the site:

New technology: the new site is coded to modern web standards, meaning the user will find quicker responses. This is paired with the fact that users can also enjoy a more consistent interface across browsers and operating systems.

Gallery selection: this new feature showcases new collections as well as topical subjects, with the purpose of giving the clients an insight into the Heritage collection. The gallery will be regularly updated.

Searches: they are now faster and more accurate, due to a brand new search engine. There are also additional search options, including search by museum/ institution name. Moreover, the improved image display will show up to 200 results per page.

Lightboxes: as part of the enhancements on the site, lightboxes can be created effortlessly and emailed if desired with the same ease.

On the whole, the site has been greatly improved in looks and functionality, this translates into a much more satisfying experience for the end user.

About Heritage Images website
Heritage Images was founded in 2000 to market images from culture and heritage brands via an online picture library. Heritage is a specialist collection of more than 100,000 images representing eight millennia of civilization (including: photographs, illustrations, manuscripts, paintings, engravings, prints, maps, sculpture, artefacts and film stills) Most of these images have not previously been available commercially.

Heritage Images partners include leading museums, galleries and private collectors whose images have been brought together under one retrieval system using high level curatorial metadata and sophisticated key wording techniques.

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