Monday, June 8, 2009

Hasselblad has released Phocus 1.2 software for Apple Mac computers, featuring a number of major enhancements.

Phocus 1.2 has been substantially improved with regards to tethered shooting, image export and processing, plus been equipped with several brand-new new features and workflow enhancements.

Among the highlights:

  • Speed & Performance - improved tethered capture, viewer performance, export speed.
  • New Features - navigator and gray scale tools.
  • Workflow - exporting direct from 3FR raw files, exporting directly to PSD 8 and 16 bit files, improved viewer sharpness, improved print functionality, plus more...
or a complete list of new features, please consult the Phocus read-me file.

Download Phocus 1.2 by clicking here

For a quick overview of the many features within Phocus, please consult our newly updated User Manual, available here

Phocus 1.2 for Windows users coming soon!

Look for the Windows version 1.2 later this month, featuring the same functionality as Phocus 1.2 for the Mac platform.

Windows-specific improved functionality includes: Overlay tool, hand tool, rotation tool, custom white calibration tool, “hot-folder” , and a new and updated version of the User Manual (UK/US).

Says product manager Lars Elmo; “With then soon expected Phocus 1.2 for our windows users, Phocus will be a truly cross-platform, full-speed product.”

Text by Alice B. Miller

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