Monday, June 22, 2009

Hasselblad: Easy-Access Product Catalog Now Online

22/06/2009 Hasselblad Lenses & Accessories Showcased

Hasselblad has launched an enhanced, easy-access online catalog for its H System lenses and accessories, and V System lenses and accessories.

The new user-friendly Website showcase is divided into four sections: H System Lenses, H System Accessories, V System Lenses, and V System Accessories. Just scroll down for the lenses or accessories that match your equipment and you’ll find product details, pricing information, product images, item numbers, and links to local dealers, as well as quick Web access to the more than 100 accessories and lenses.

Among the wide range of Hasselblad lenses and accessories that are available via the online catalog:

~ H System Lenses, including zooms—such as the new HCD 4-5,6/35-90mm lens—as well as standard and wide-angle lenses, adapters, and converters.

~ H System Accessories, ranging from the new HTS 1.5 tilt and shift adapter, HVD 90x viewfinder (designed exclusively for the H3D), and GI GPS receiver to extension tubes, film magazines, viewfinders, battery grips, and chargers.

~ V System Lenses, such as the Zeiss Distagon fish-eye, wide-angle, and standard lenses.

~ V System Accessories, ranging from focusing screens and Proshade adapters to extension tubes and prism viewfinders.

Check out the new online catalog here.

Text by Alice B. Miller

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