Monday, June 8, 2009

Veer Marketplace opens for image submissions

CALGARY (June 8, 2009) - Veer, a producer and provider of visual elements and design-related products, today opened the contributor section for Veer® Marketplace, a new low-priced image resource on Photographers and illustrators from anywhere in the world can now create accounts and begin submitting their work to Veer Marketplace.

The Veer Marketplace site now provides these innovative features for contributors:

Options for fast image upload

• Contributors can upload images via their preferred FTP client or through an advanced web-based upload tool
• Contributors can submit many images simultaneously through a bulk upload system

Contributor workspace

The new contributor workspace is a dynamic and powerful web site interface offering contributors a rich user experience. Features include:

• Metadata and model and property releases can be attached to multiple images at once
• Model and property releases can be stored and applied to subsequent image uploads
• Powerful “controlled vocabulary” and keyword auto-mapping system automatically accommodates spelling variants, common misspellings and synonyms, and includes broader search terms. This means more efficient, consistent, and accurate keywording for Veer Marketplace contributors. For example, if a contributor adds the term “happy” to their image, the system automatically adds more than a dozen other terms such as “happiness”, “cheerful”, “emotion”, and “good mood”.
• Automatic creation of preview images in JPEG format for images uploaded in EPS format, such as illustrations. This means faster and more accurate uploads for vector artists. is recognized by buyers as one of the most user-friendly and well-designed sites in the industry. This same in-house team has developed the contributor site for Veer Marketplace.

“We are very excited to launch this next phase of Veer Marketplace, and we think contributors are going to be pleased with the powerful upload system and the many unique features we are offering,” said Aaron Booth, Director of Commercial Media Partners and Community Content for Veer. “We also look forward to hearing from contributors on other features they’d like us to add as we continue to enhance the site.”

New contributors may sign up for an account for Veer Marketplace at and upload 10 images for review. Once the images have been vetted and approved, contributors will be contacted via e-mail (and on their Veer Marketplace profile page) to complete their registration and upload their portfolios.

Standard royalty rates per image download range from $0.35 to $7.00, and the subscription royalty rate per image download ranges from $0.20 to $4.00, depending on image size. Detailed information on royalty rates and image pricing can be found at Contributors will be paid through their choice of PayPal or Payoneer.

Contributors can also benefit from getting involved with the Veer community through the many features of the Veer Ideas networking site. Contributors can create their own member pages, highlight their work in portfolio galleries, or showcase inspirational ideas. Contributors may send messages or start new discussions in the Veer Marketplace group, and post to The Fat, the Veer community blog.

Veer launched Veer Marketplace in February 2009 with a small sampling of user-generated images, becoming the first major provider to offer both “microstock” and traditional professional stock images on one web site. Veer customers are now able to license rights-managed, premium royalty-free, and low-priced royalty-free photography in one place.

Later this summer Veer Marketplace will launch a larger image offering to its customers including the ability to purchase images with credits or as part of a subscription package.
a producer and provider of visual elements and design-related products, is now accepting applications for its summer internship program from design students across North America.

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