Sunday, April 5, 2009

On-demand Illustrations by

WEBWIRE – Saturday, April 04, 2009 Fremont, California -, an online stock photography service, announced the recent launch of On-demand Illustration program directed at designers as the primary customer base.

On-demand Illustration provides innovative and easy-to-use access to the custom illustration service for designers around the world, allowing carefully selected, experienced, authors to respond to requests and tailor illustrations to specific customer needs. System allows users to send and receive illustrator request specifying illustration attributes such as subject, dimensions, colors, and deadline. Program further allows illustrators to make creative adjustments and make sketches available to designer customers via Internet simulating a one-on-one design experience.

The new system will make it easier for designers to access not only existing bank of information but also the authors that they care to work with thus enhancing overall user experience. "Our collaboration with illustrators is an important part of fulfilling our vision to create a quality experience and communication between design community within Internet" said Elena Oryol, Web Development Leader for "By offering this custom services in an easy format, we have moved one step closer to integrating design community and reducing communication barriers for consumers who want to adopt Internet to its full potential when working with a design project" uses a flexible platform called CoordinateOnline(tm) for building engaging and collaborative web experiences. The product is an integrated feature with wide range of capabilities for content integration and project management, that helps to create more complete
and interactive experience for both designers and illustrators. CoordinateOnline(tm) allows designer to promptly provide sketch variations, read and write comments and feedback to create a final variant. Customer is able to download the final product and pay quoted
amount upon successful completion of the project.

"FeaturePics’s new system means businesses will have the ability to use a fully integrated design collaboration tool for better productivity and more importantly better illustrations that are
tailored to customers needs" said Elena. "This is a compelling package that will spur greater collaboration capabilities with opportunities for designers and illustrators alike"

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