Friday, April 24, 2009

Master Macro 100 Offers Extreme Close-Up on Quality

OBERKOCHEN/Germany, LAS VEGAS/USA, 24.04.2009.
For the ultimate in image quality for table top cinematography, product shots, close-up inserts on feature films or any other application that requires a macro lens, the Master Macro 100 delivers images of breathtaking beauty. With a 1:1 magnification ratio, a maximum aperture of T2.0 and an optical design developed specifically for macro work, the Master Macro 100 delivers phenomenally sharp and contrasty images for extreme close-ups of the highest visual quality.

Unlike most other macro lenses, the Master Macro 100 has been designed and built by Carl Zeiss specifically for motion picture cinematography. The optical performance of the lens matches that of the Master Primes, sharing features such as exotic glass materials, special lens coatings and aspherical glass surfaces that require ultra-high precision in design and manufacturing. While other macro lenses create images that are visibly darker and softer in the corners, the Master Macro exhibits remarkably even illumination and resolution across the whole Super 35 frame. It also benefits from an advanced, multi-bladed iris, resulting in round and natural-looking out-of-focus highlights. The front element of the Master Macro 100 is set back within the lens housing, which protects it from the reflected light that can so often be a problem when lighting subjects positioned close to the front of a lens. In effect, the forward section of the lens acts as a shade, absorbing any stray light. This, in combination with the T* XP anti-reflex coating, strategically painted lens rims and special light traps, means that cinematographers may spend far less time worrying about unwanted light on the image than with any other macro lens. It also means that the Master Macro exhibits unsurpassed contrast and low veiling glare.

While a quick close-up can always be grabbed by using a Master Prime with a Master Diopter, the Master Macro 100 is the tool of choice when extreme close-ups of the highest image quality are required, for example on a high end commercial. With a magnification ratio of 1:1 and a close focus distance of only 0.35 m, it can magnify objects beyond what diopters would allow. Super Color Matched to the Master Primes, Ultra Primes, Ultra 16 lenses and Lightweight Zoom LWZ-1, the Master Macro allows cinematographers to create a consistent look on set rather than in post.

The Master Macro 100 is available in May 2009. The Master Macro 100 exhibits an extremely even illumination across the whole Super 35 frame and retains high resolution all the way from the center to the edges.

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