Tuesday, April 21, 2009

imense launch Annotator, the first semi automatic keywording tool

UK, 20 APRIL 2009 - With more sales channels available for photographers, and more of those channels expecting metadata and keywords to be supplied with image files, photographers are becoming bogged down in keywording, meaning less time for doing what they do best, creating images. imense are delighted to announce the launch of Annotator, a simple to use, cost effective, semi-automated keywording tool designed to dramatically reduce the time it takes for photographers to keyword their images by up to 4 times, whilst at the same time providing more commercially relevant keywords.

Once photographers upload images, Annotator detects content and automatically applies basic metadata to images, including the number of people in the image, orientation, image type, presence of copy space, ethnic origin and age range.

Innovative vocabularies then provide keywords to speed up the process even more. The associative vocabulary was built to suggest keywords that sell images. Using data gathered from sold images, search queries and millions of RM & RF images, Annotator provides photographers with a unique view of the most commercially important keywords to use.

For example, if a photographer types in "Business", the associative vocabulary suggests "businessman, businesswoman, corporate, company, office, boss, employee, finance, trade, commerce, commercial" ensuring photographers maximize the sales potential of their collection.

The Hotlist vocabulary then allows photographers to create word lists that can be applied to images with one click. For example, a Hotlist for the concept "smile" can include "smile, smiling, happy, happiness, grin". Photographers have the ability to share their own and view other Hotlists, leveraging the power of the community in this way ensure keywords remain relevant and up to date.

“With such dramatic acceleration in efficiency, blended with more commercially optimised keywording, Annotator is a step change in a traditionally slow and often ineffective process” says Tony Rowland, Director of Sales for imense.

Annotator is a web based application available direct to Photographers and can be licensed by stock agencies. Visit www.imense.com/annotator or email us sales@imense.com to learn more.

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