Thursday, April 16, 2009

APA ALERT: Canon Professional Services (CPS) improves program

USA, 14 APRIL 2009 - Stephen Best, APA National CEO

APA is pleased to report that as a result of member outreach and communication between APA and Canon, the CPS program has reviewed eligible equipment for enrollment into CPS. The list now includes several camera bodies and lenses that APA members and other members of the APA forums have requested to be included in the CPS program.

APA has been in discussion with Kevin Fogarty, Director, Professional Products Marketing Division, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon USA, Inc. Canon has listened to the concerns expressed on our forums and also to the emails and calls made to Canon expressing the concerns of professional photographers. APA appreciates Canon's willingness to listen and make changes to the CPS program that improves the professional photographer's ability to make a living. Canon is always looking to improve their products and services and the input of professionals on the APA forums made an impact.

The new Canon Professional Services (CPS) program is designed to strengthen membership for true working professional photographers. When recently introduced, it became obvious that some of those working professional photographers were being left out because of the equipment requirements. After hearing loud and clear that many of APA's forum members were not qualifying for the new program, APA reached out to Canon for improvements. Canon has listened and responded positively. Go to for all the information available for the CPS program.

APA continues to improve industry standards and to protect the rights of photographers and the photo industry as a whole.

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