Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gulfimages.com invites photographers to "upload" their images on its website

Dubai (UAE), 11 APRIL 2009 - Gulfimages.com, the Dubai based Arabic stock picture library has just launched Upload, a portal for professional, semi-professional and serious hobbyists to access the international marketplace with their images and start earning financial rewards.

gulfimages.com was the first ever comprehensive Arabic stock picture library offering images of the business, lifestyle, culture, travel, food and concepts from the Middle East region.

“Through Gulfimages.com Upload we are hoping to tap into unrecognized photography talent in the region, nurture their development and help them to start earning some serious money. We are also hoping to reach out to professionals and serious hobbyists from around the world who may have images on the Arabic world , said Mr Pankaj Shah, Managing Partner, Gulfimages.com

Photographers who pass the evaluation phase will be invited to contribute their images to one of the three pricing levels in Gulfimages. Commercial quality images will be placed in the main collection. Those suitable for editorial and limited commercial usage will go in to the Value collection, and those who have interesting images but whose file sizes are too small for major commercial use will be offered as part of the Junior collection.

"Many professionals in diverse fields like advertising, architecture, education, engineering, travel, hotels and medicine use cameras in their daily work. From a necessity it often turns in to a passion and we would like to reach out to this community and encourage them to put their images up on our site. Because they have natural access to certain situations and environments they can often come up with an image a professional photographer will not easily get.” said Mr Shah.

“I have seen some amazing personal work by art directors at advertising agencies and airline crew that currently is not getting the exposure it deserves. With Gulfimages.com Upload we want to change this.” he added.

Photographers who sign up for exclusive distribution through Gulfimages will receive higher royalties.

All images uploaded would need to be 8 MB or larger. The images will be priced depending on their quality and subject matter. The watch word for all the three collections will be "Quality".

For more information call +9714 340 4092 or visit www.gulfimages.com

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