Friday, October 17, 2008

Tecagora Solutions Launches Snapact Photo Manager and Photo Sharing Community

Tecagora launches Snapact to simplify digital photo organization and online photo sharing.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 09/17/2008 – Tecagora Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Snapact Photo Manager and Photo Sharing Community to meet the increasing needs of the growing market of photo enthusiasts.

As the price of digital cameras and digital memory cards continue to drop in price and become more affordable, many consumers and prosumers are opting to switch from traditional film cameras to digital point-and-shoot and digital SLR cameras. Photo enthusiasts are snapping and sharing more photos than ever before.

Once photos have been taken, many reside on a computer's hard drive soon to be forgotten. If not forgotten, the photos become increasingly difficult to find as more and more photos are stored on the hard drive. The team at Tecagora recognized this consumer trend and created the Snapact solution.

“As photo enthusiasts, we wanted to build a photo organizer and sharing solution that is easy to use”, states Bruce Kwan, co-founder of Tecagora Solutions Inc. “The Snapact Photo Manager allows for quick photo viewing, album creation and organization, while the Snapact Photo Sharing Community allows users to share and comment on photos – telling the story behind the photos, keeping friends and family connected.”

The Snapact solution features Tecagora's innovative synchronization technology that seamlessly synchronizes a user's created albums and photos with their Snapact online community account. Snapact users have full control over album publishing and privacy features while maintaining the ability to continue to organize their digital photos so that they are easy to find.

To learn more about Snapact ( or to download your copy of the Snapact Photo Manager and register for your free account, please visit the website.

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