Thursday, October 23, 2008 goes live

Paris (FRANCE), 22 OCTOBER 2008 - Catering to pioneering creatives seeking an alternative source for exclusive and innovative photography, International Collections Worldwide, Inc. today announced the launch of its new rights managed photography website

With a minimalist layout and distinctive gallery sections, the site was intentionally designed to display photography as photographers would want their work displayed.

For designers and creatives, imagery can be searched traditionally or by uniquely edited ic categories: the eye of ic, ic concepts, ic advertising, ic stories, ic editorial, ic vintage, and ic collections.

These distinctive subcategories were created to facilitate searching, spark creativity, and to give some suggested end uses for each image. However, the ultimate usage of each image is only limited by the imagination of the artist and designer.

From inception to layout to functionality, the site was designed to appeal to established creatives who know and appreciate the finer elements of premium photography and are searching for a site that shares this understanding. Those who “get it” and are seeking a place that “gets it”, can do so by visiting ic.worldwide at

Source: CEPIC

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