Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cameratown Launches Redesigned Website to Celebrate its 5th Year

Rye, NH, United States, 10/21/2008 - Cameratown, a popular photography portal for consumers, hobbyists, and professionals, has launched a newly redesigned website to help celebrate their 5th year online.

The new design site makes it easier than ever before to find the latest information from around the web – from product reviews, tutorials and hot photography deals - to the latest product announcements, firmware updates and free software.

With so much new web content being created on a daily basis it is becoming increasingly difficult for individual articles or tutorials to attract large audiences - and just as difficult for consumers to find the information they looking are for without having to wade through pages of search results. Cameratown is here to help!

Ron Risman, founder of Cameratown.com, says that “The goal of Cameratown has always been to make it easier for both consumers and professionals to find great photography content. We do this by highlighting the latest reviews, tutorials and other content from around the web – and giving the consumer an easy way to find them. Search engines can often be a frustrating place to find great content since the results are typically ranked based on the popularity of the domain name or the quality of metadata on a page - and not the quality of the content.”

Along with a fresh new look, Cameratown now features a new video section where visitors can quickly find free video tutorials on lighting, shooting, editing, framing, archiving, and more - along with video product tours and how-to guides. All tutorials are listed by category, which makes it easy to find what you want, when you want it.
Over the past 4 years Cameratown has published over 6,200 new product announcements, 4300 product review summaries, 520 free tutorial listings, 2000 articles, 500 camera gallery links, and over 4500 daily deals.

Cameratown provides quick access to the latest:

Product Announcements: Visit us daily to see what hot, new products have just been announced. Product announcements are updated throughout the day, every day.

Professional Reviews: Quickly find the latest reviews from the best photography websites from around the web – all categorized by brand and model for easy reference.

Free Video Tutorials: The easiest way to learn is by watching and we constantly search video sites such as Yahoo, Vimeo, YouTube, and others looking to bring attention to the best tutorials. Cameratown also provides quick access to over 500 non-video tutorials in virtually every category of photography.

Firmware Updates: Many consumers don’t realize that manufacturers often release camera fixes via a software download. Cameratown provides quick access to the latest camera updates and sorts them by brand and model, making them easy to locate.

Camera Manuals: Can’t find your manual when you need it? No problem, Cameratown provides access to camera manuals from most manufacturers.

Compare Prices: Cameratown has partnered with Pricegrabber to provide a simple way for you to shop and compare prices on all the latest photography gear. Don’t buy until you’ve compared prices.

Daily Deals: We manually scour the web every day looking for great deals on photography-related gear. You can find the latest deals by visiting our deals page or by getting them delivered to you through our free e-mail deals and news newsletter.

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