Thursday, October 30, 2008


Half of All Downloads on Plus Now from Stockxpert Contributors

(New York, NY - October 30, 2008) -- Jupiterimages, a division of Jupitermedia Corporation (Nasdaq: JUPM), today announced that its leading photo subscription Web site will now sell images at all resolutions on a single image basis. In August, introduced the first stock image subscription to combine user-generated content with professionally shot images. Single image prices will range from $5.00 for multimedia resolution images (1-2 MB) up to $70.00 for ultra resolution images (50 MB). No credits are required to purchase these images.

The user-generated content on is supplied by Stockxpert (, a leading source for community created content (Stockxpert is also owned by Jupiterimages). Since introducing the groundbreaking Plus subscription in August, overall Stockxpert contributor royalties have increased by 11%. Stockxpert images also represent over half of all Plus subscription downloads, and 31% of all pay-per-downloads. Contributors receive a 30% commission for all single image purchases.

"Jupiterimages continues to demonstrate its unique ability to innovate and lead the industry by leveraging content across its portfolio of sites to create value for contributors and customers alike," said Alan M. Meckler, Chairman and CEO of Jupitermedia Corporation. "The introduction of single image sales at all resolutions represents a tremendous revenue opportunity for Stockxpert contributors by delivering their images to a large base of established customers. Creative professionals and image buyers can now choose from the leading subscription options or buy just the few images they need at an affordable price without having to first purchase credits."

Source: Jupitermedia

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