Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kursiv launches BloopPix

SWITZERLAND, OCTOBER 2008 - Swiss photoagency Kursiv launches BloopPix, a collection of royalty-free images at a competitive price. Bloop is the name of a sound of unknown origin, captured somewhere west of south america in deep sea. BloopPix comes from the deepest sources of the internet, but offers quality of known origin, with all that is needed for hasle-free licensing.

Little is known about the ultra-low frequency underwater sound called "Bloop", detected by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration several times during the summer of 1997. The sound was captured by sensors 3000 miles apart, which, together with the type of sound, suggests it was created by a giant animal in great depths. The source of the sound however remains unclear, as no known animal is able to produce such a sound and it stirs the imagination ever since.

From the depths of the internet, Kursiv launches BloopPix, to stir your imagination and to save your image budget. BloopPix is not from unknown origin, and has all the modelreleases you need for hasle-free licensing. BloopPix is another collection Kursiv launched in its budget section, which can be accessed directly through the search form on the Kursiv website.

"We do believe that there is a justified need for low priced image materials", say Karsten Risseeuw from Kursiv. "Of course we cannot offer any image to any price, that is why we diversify our offerings. BloopPix offers general royalty-free images of a good standard quality for a low price."

Kursiv covers roughly 10 million images from royalty-free and selected rights managed collections and offers specialized services for creative and editorial users as well as for corporate companies.

Source: CEPIC

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