Monday, February 1, 2010

Stock Photography Sales Statistic January 2010

This is my stock photography sales statistic for January 2010. You can find a complete list of stock photography agencies that I work with here.

These are for me the best 4 performing stock agencies for January 2010:

1. DepositPhotos
2. Shutterstock
3. Cutcaster
4. Fotolia

Well, January was a good month with some surprises, but ... most agencies were only even with December, but still lower then last November. The two agencies that mad January to a good month were DepositPhotos and Cutcaster. DepositPhotos pulled up to the first rang because of its promotion and affiliate program, and Cutcaster came in with two extended license sales. It was the best month ever for Cutcaster, DepositPhotos, Graphic Leftover, and Zoonar.

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