Friday, February 19, 2010

Alamy pays £8 million to contributors

Oxfordshire, UK 11 February 2010 - As the photography industry continues to feel the effects of the recession, Alamy is offering some good news with the announcement that it paid out over £8 million to its contributors in 2009.

Despite a tough trading year, the world’s largest online stock photography site was able to produce a healthy income for its image providers. Alamy pays 60 per cent of each sale to the photographer, one of the highest royalties in the industry. Of the £8 million, around £5 million went to individual photographers rather than picture agencies.

Head of Content, Alan Capel said: “Yes it’s a tough market but we’ve come through a tough year and are still turning a good profit. In these testing economic times for us all, we feel it’s even more important that we return the largest share of the sale to the creator of the image. This can in turn lead to the production of a steady supply of high quality imagery.”

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