Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jalbum: New Version 8.6

This release includes several enhancements and bug fixes, requested by Jalbum's community. Their non English speaking users will enjoy a translated image editing section. Mac users will notice that Jalbum interacts better with Finder. Skin developers will appreciate that making skins for Jalbum is now easier than ever. A skin can now easily set suitable presets for any settings when you chose a style. They call this feature "style hints" and believe it helps making the experience when selecting different styles even more diverse. There are already a number of great skins that makes use of this feature.

News and Updates

* Skins may now have style specific hints too. By putting style hints files in the styles folder of a skin, these hints are applied when loading a skin or picking a style. A style specific hint has the format style name.jap, for example Black.jap. The format for style specific hints is the same as for skin hints
* You can now apply the ordering of the current folder to all subfolders in one go. (See Tools->External tools)
* The image tools (a k a image filters) have now been translated to Dutch, Finnish, German, Korean, Portugues, Slovak and Swedish. Thank you dear skin translators!
* Thumbnails can now have a higher JPEG compression quality than slides. Good for thumbnails with embedded frames that might need that extra quality to avoid visible JPEG artifacts.
* When saving album projects. Jalbum can now make backups of the previous album project
* Bundled skin "Galleria" updated to make use of new skin developer features (style specific hints and StateMonitor class)
* On Mac: Deleted files now moved to the recycle bin if you're running on the latest Java update (Perform a check for updates under the Apple menu)
* On Mac: When performing "Show in file system" and when packing skins, the target object is selected in Finder. This requires you to run the latest Java update (Perform a check for updates under the Apple menu)
* When updating skins, skin installer now moves the previous skin version to the recycle bin. (On Mac, this requires an updated Java)
* Skins may now omit the "slide.htt" file. This disables the "Make slides" checkbox. No need to create dummy slide.htt files or add slides=false hints anymore
* Installer for Windows (AdvancedInstaller) updated from v7.3.1 to v7.5

Bug fixes

* Skin loading rewritten. These weird race conditions and scripting errors when loading skins repeatedly should now be gone
* Fix for spinning spinners in Jalbum's info window if user hasn't added any accounts
* Jalbum would fail on startup if it didn't find the last used Look and Feel
* Calling ui2Engine from a skin would clear the username for temporarily signed in users
* Jalbum would fail connecting to accounts lacking a password. Connecting without a stored password triggers an interactive password dialog, but the entered password was ignored

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