Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getty Images Launches New Products for Web and Mobile Use

Products Developed in Response to Customer Requests for Smaller File Sizes for Web and Mobile Projects

SEATTLE, August 05, 2009 - Getty Images, Inc., today announced two new Web & Mobile image products featuring very small file sizes – 170 pixels and 280 pixels – designed specifically for online and mobile use. These new Web & Mobile products enable customers to license high volumes of compelling, high quality and simple to use imagery at appropriate prices for the digital element of their campaigns and communications.

“As media consumption continues to accelerate towards digital, our customers tell us they want high quality imagery quickly, easily and at the appropriate price points in order to develop compelling digital campaigns that connect with their audiences,” said Andy Saunders, vice president of creative imagery at Getty Images. “Image buyers developing web and mobile content often need hundreds of images at smaller file sizes. With our new Web & Mobile products, we’re able to provide these customers with access to our vast collection of royalty-free and premium rights-managed imagery at the right size and price.”

Getty Images’ Web & Mobile images are priced according to pixel size and license model, ranging from $5 for RF and $15 for RM, to the current $49 (413 pixels/500kb) web-resolution product. Customers can now use Getty Images’ award-winning creative imagery collections in their smallest web and mobile uses with minimal manipulation or resizing, for an appropriate price. These products will also offer customers indemnification and the level of rights control that Getty Images is known for.

Getty Images continues to lead the industry forward, creating opportunities for our photographers while developing new and innovative products that meet our customers’ needs. The new Web & Mobile products complement and build upon the success of Getty Images’ $49 web-resolution product, which was first created in September 2007. Since its launch, the $49 product has attracted thousands of new customers who often become repeat purchasers across Getty Images’ entire suite of offerings. In fact, an internal analysis of purchasing trends found that customers whose first purchase is the $49 product went on to spend more than double that of other imagery customers.

“The photography industry is more competitive than ever and continues to transform due to the proliferation of affordable digital technology and the Internet. These new products provide an opportunity for photographers to benefit from the exponential growth of the online market without changing our own business model,” said Shannon Fagan, creative photographer and one of Getty Images’ leading contributors. “As a photographer, I appreciate that Getty Images continues to not only protect the copyright and value of my imagery, but also helps me stay up on current trends and diversify my portfolio by making it more accessible for both traditional and emerging customers to use across all types of communications.”

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