Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dreamstime announces new promotion tool using Facebook

New Application Allows Dreamstime Users To Network Portfolios And Invite Friends

(CEPIC) - Nashville, Tennessee (USA), 11 AUGUST 2009 -, a global photo community and worldwide leader in the stock photography industry, has introduced a new Facebook® application that allows members to connect their portfolios directly to their Facebook accounts. With more than 250 million* active Facebook users, the application creates a new market for Dreamstime members’ sales by making their photography accessible to millions of potential users of the feature.

With a reputation that includes the superlative of “friendliest,” Dreamstime’s initiative and objective has consistently been in support of social networking technologies; several months ago their content was chosen for greeting cards orders on several major social websites. The famous stock agency now has the widest exposure and recognition with a massive diffusion on a variety of Internet planes.

"As technology evolves, Dreamstime remains committed to its community and discovering new avenues for connecting designers with photographers,” Serban Enache, CEO and co-founder of said. “Our community is a sophisticated network for photographers who wish to share their work and a ‘go-to’ destination where designers can find the right images easily and at a great cost. Leveraging Facebook Platform’s social utility will connect Dreamstime to a new contributing public."

Through Facebook Platform, real time notifications and updates engage new Dreamstime users and their friends of their activity with the production tool. The application has been designed to connect Dreamstime with its users’ Facebook accounts and share updates in the stream based on his or her latest activity. The integration will help users promote their portfolio more quickly and effectively. The Dreamstime user’s Facebook wall will be updated according activity, access and use on the site. In addition, contributors using Dreamstime through Facebook have the ability to invite their friends and increase their earnings based on referrals.

"Our application enables all of our users to invite their Facebook friends while earning 10% of each and all referees who join Dreamstime. Of course, all links sent are powered via our Referral Program. You don't have to worry about inserting codes or scrutinizing the website for various links, this new application will do it for you," adds Enache.

Integrating with Facebook Connect, the Dreamstime Promotional Tool launched exclusively via Dreamstime’s message board in early August and already has thousands of active users, whose invites average 15 friends per account. To add the Dreamstime Facebook Application, please visit:

Dreamstime is one of the world's top-rated agencies with a community exceeding 1.5 million users and more than 6 million images online, all available in eight different languages. The agency is proud to offer the lowest prices in the industry and also boasts an attractive collection of free images. With over 70,000 contributors, the steadily growing Dreamstime library of images features an impressive assortment of model released lifestyle images in the business and family genres as well as a vast collection of travel, nature, sports, industry, health and wellness photographs in addition to distinctive imagery [sketches, graphic art and backgrounds] in high quality reprint formats.

For more information on Dreamstime, please visit:

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