Monday, August 10, 2009

Adobe Camera Raw Upgrade Supports Hasselblad 3FR Files

The latest version of Adobe Camera Raw - version 5.4 - brings good news to Hasselblad shooters.

For the first time, with the latest ACR, you can flow your 3FR raw files directly from your CF card or hard drive to Photoshop and Lightroom.

If you shoot tethered from your Hasselblad to your Mac or PC, your FFF files are not yet compatible with Adobe Camera Raw, but Adobe and Hasselblad are working to offer this workflow capability in a future ACR upgrade.

This new workflow option marks an important step in Hasselblad-Adobe collaboration.

Says Hasselblad CEO Christian Poulsen: “At Hasselblad, we have spent years refining our cameras to deliver the highest image quality. Having achieved this goal, we are now working to develop more workflow options and to make our image files compatible with other state-of-the-art imaging software products. I trust that the release of ACR 5.4 is only the starting point for further options. We look forward to hearing what our customers will ask for next.”

ACR 5.4 currently supports 3FR files created by the following Hasselblad cameras:

CF-22 and CF-22MS
CF-39 and CF39MS
CFH-22 and CFH-39
H2D-22 and H2D-39
H3D-22, H3D-31, and H3D-39
H3DII-22, H3DII-31, H3DII-39, H3DII-39MS, and H3DII-50.

For more information on Adobe Camera Raw version 5.4, click here.

Text by Alice B. Miller

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