Sunday, August 23, 2009

5% lifetime referral commissions now at

The 3D Studio changed their affiliate program to include also contributor referrals. Here is the announcement from The 3D Studio Blog:

We have a new program that’s coming out at right now and is being announced in our newsletter which is going out today but I wanted to also give it a mention here for those that don’t get the newsletter. is proactive in talking to our artists and we welcome their feedback, one thing our artists have been asking for is a referral program and this is especially true for those who sell in the stock image side of but likely a new concept for those in 3D.

At you will find we already have a good affiliate program, one where you can refer a Customer and get 20% of any sale, this program will not change, and the good news is after careful consideration of our artist’s feedback we are now extending our affiliate program to include artist referrals.

So what do you get? Simple…you get 5% of their sales for life. No limits, no changes, guaranteed. This example is straight out of our Help section...

For example, say you refer Bob to and Bob sells Stock Photos. Every time one of Bob’s photos is purchased you will get 5% of that sale. That 5% comes out of’s share so Bob still gets his full royalties.
If the average photo that Bob has sells for $12.00 then you would get $0.60 each and every time it sells, for life. If Bob sells 1000 photos per month then you would earn $600.00 in commission every single month without any limits of any kind.
If you refer a 3D model seller to and their average sales is $200.00 then you would get $10.00. If they average $200.00 per sale and average 100 sales per month you would earn $1,000.00 per month. If they average $200.00 per sale and average 1,000 sales per month then you would earn $10,000.00 per month!

The idea is that you are helping spread the word about and since that helps our business overall it seems only fair that you get paid for helping us in that way. Think about what 5% commissions for life really means if you refer just a few sellers to us, that can add up to seriously large sums of money over time.

The program is live right now and if you are interested you can go grab your affiliate links now:

For anyone who already uses our affiliate program you are all set already and don’t need to do anything. The links you have been using have not changed and this new feature is automatically part of your affiliate efforts.

My referral link:


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