Monday, August 24, 2009

30 Days and Counting: Hasselblad Invites Qualified H3DII Owners to Kennedy Space Center, September 24-26, 2009

24/08/2009 To celebrate the 40th anniversary of man’s first moonwalk, on July 20, 1969 – which was photographed by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong with their specially designed Hasselblad cameras – Hasselblad has come up with an offer that’s, well, out of this world!

Customers who purchased an H3Dll-50 or H3Dll-60 camera between July 1, 2009, and August 21, 2009, are eligible for an all-expenses-paid trip to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, September 24 to 26. At this once-in-a-lifetime event, qualifying H3DII owners will mingle with fellow photographers, industry insiders, and journalists, attend a gala dinner featuring a photography presentation by Buzz Aldrin, participate in professional training sessions and other activities designed to maximize enjoyment of their Hasselblad gear. They also will hear Hasselblad CEO Christian Poulsen and the designers behind the Hasselblad H System discuss the past and future of camera design.

A guided photo tour of the Kennedy Space Center will give participants an unforgettable, behind-the-scenes look at NASA’s launch facililties. Photographs taken during the tour will be entered in a contest for valuable Hasselblad prizes.

The Hasselblad Space Center agenda at a glance:


# Breakfast and Welcome
# Quick review of the Hasselblad H System: hands-on shooting, overview of advanced features and functions, central shutter lenses, Tilt-and-Shift shooting, and un-tethered shooting. A well-stocked supply of Hasselblad lenses and accessories is ready to try out.
# “NASA Up Close” Tour of the Kennedy Space Center: closeup views of Space Shuttle Launch Pads, NASA Causeway, Operations and Checkout building (where the astronauts live during training), Shuttle Landing Facility, Crawler Transporter (which transports Shuttle to its launch pad). Explore Space Center with Hasselblad trainers for photo shooting tour.
# Lunch
# Phocus software session, setting up sample workflow to get familiar with each step of this powerful processing tool.
# Coffee
# Small groups work on Phocus with Hasselblad trainers; tips, tricks and workflow expertise. Photographers submit images for session photo contest.
# Q&A and Review
# Buzz Aldrin/Space Photography Dinner at the Apollo/Saturn V Center: behind-the-scenes look at design demands made by space and lunar photography, how deveopments have affected camera design, demands placed on modern digital cameras in space environment, where they are heading. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin shares his experiences and photography.


# Breakfast
# Seminar and forum on development of Hasselblad system: lenses and lens design, advanced processing techniques, material design. Hasselblad designers offer advanced info and tips, sneak peek into the future of the Hasselblad System.
# Break
# Hasselblad Masters photographers tell how Hasselblad gear has helped them shoot in various styles and situations.
# Lunch and drawing for one photographer who will win four Hasselblad HC/HCD lenses.
# Hasselblad Masters and Designers
# Break-out Sessions:
(1) detailed presentation of attending Masters photographers’ techniques and experiences or
(2) in-depth technical presentation of design and development topics with designers.

Prepare for takeoff!

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