Friday, February 6, 2009

PicScout Announces Their First New Customer for 2009

San Francisco (CA / USA), 5 FEBRUARY 2009 - PicScout announced their first new customer for 2009, NordicPhotos of Stockholm, Sweden. NordicPhotos is an online photo agency that sells rights based photography from the Nordic countries: Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

In order to protect their digital images, the group chose to use PicScout’s Image Tracker ™ Solution, the leading solution for image tracking and monitoring images in various media.

PicScout is currently responsible for detecting over 90% of all online image infringements detection worldwide and is active in a growing list of territories all over the globe. Image Tracker ™ technology monitors commercial internet sites to report back our clients’ data analytics about their images.

Arnaldur Gauti Johnson, Managing Director of NordicPhotos, stated, “PicScout has a wonderful technology for stock image collections like ours, and we appreciate how much time and effort we save by receiving the Image Tracker reports”. Offir Gutelzon, CEO of PicScout, added,” We are happy to add NordicPhotos, one of the largest stock photography groups in the Nordic countries, to our family of satisfied customers. We have recently added several new features to our technology and solutions to provide customers such as NordicPhotos with tools to increase their revenues and their ability to protect their images.”

Source: CEPIC

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