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Style Guru Carson Kressley and Nikon Photographers Storm New York for Photo Clinic

MELVILLE, NY (Feb. 4, 2009) – What happens when you combine the universal fear of picture taking, the teeming crowds of Times Square, an uninhibited reality TV star and a seasoned professional photographer? You get the latest installment of Look Good in Pictures: Nikon’s How to Series with Carson Kressley. The fun, interactive site showcases acclaimed Nikon photographers and stylists teaching photogenic tricks that help people look and feel their best whenever they find themselves in front of a camera.

The “Carson’s Time Square Clinic” episode brings shivering tourists and lunch time pedestrians off the streets of New York and in front of a camera for a quick tutorial with Carson Kressley and photographer Steve Simon’s. Viewers can watch as the elated visitors’ mug shots go from dull to dazzling with simple, easy-to-emulate tips.

Although the series gives practical insight for nearly every photographic scenario, Carson Kressley’s advice is universal and practical. Carson’s top tips include:
1. To make your arms look thinner, either place your hands on your hips or hold them slightly away from your upper body. You always want to create shape with your body. Always have some air between your body and your arms.
2. I try to look dressed up because I feel better when I am. That confidence exudes from you – looking cute is feeling cute. I always wear something dark because it’s really slimming. And I always do color around the face. It makes [the photo] pop!
3. Double chin is a phenomena created by two things – a bad pose and a bad camera angle. Position the camera so it's just above your eye level and tilt your head down slightly to reduce the look of a double chin. So instead of dead-on and looking up – moving your head just slightly to the side. It really balances out your face.
4. Use your pictures! The only way to discover your best side is to look at pictures that you love and determine your favorite pose and position. Once you find your “best side,” don’t be afraid to use it. There is no shame in arranging yourself so your best face is forward.
5. Practice makes perfect! Practice your posing. Tape your favorite photo of yourself to your mirror and try to mimic the pose from that picture each time you are in front of the mirror. There is a reason that celebrities use the same pose in each of their pictures.
6. When you’re getting your photo taken, start giggling out loud. This exercise forces you to have a natural laughing smile.
7. Have fun with it! Act like you want to have your picture made. Even pretending will bring out the more natural smile you’re hoping for in your pictures.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Becky Smith, the series covers topics including online profiles, red carpet insight, vacations, holidays, babies, pregnancy photos and even what to consider when buying a camera for a particular photo moment.

Professionals offering advice include portrait photographer Steve Simon, baby photographer Carrie Sandoval, celebrity photographer Lester Cohen and wedding photographer Susan Stripling. With the White House top of mind, political photographer John Harrington also advises viewers on how to look presidential in photos in the “Secrets from the Campaign Trail” episode. Visitors can also pose their most perplexing picture questions on the “Ask Carson” section of the site.

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