Monday, February 9, 2009

MAGIX Slideshow as Valentine’s Gift

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--An individual slideshow can be the solution to the search for Valentine’s gifts. Because 'Hand-made' is a quality still valued even in the age of computers, so why not use your computer to create something unique? Thanks to digital cameras, in most cases it is not a problem to obtain pictures of your hubby from your vacation together or a recent party. Now, all that has to happen is for these photos to get into the right format. The result can be uploaded as a slideshow on YouTube, integrated into a digital photo frame or watched on TV.

To get your pictures onto the TV screen, all you have to do is connect your digital camera using the included cable to the TV and activate automatic playback. Slideshows created on a PC are more entertaining and more exciting, but the very best results are achieved with programs like MAGIX PhotoStory on CD & DVD, that are especially designed for creating slideshows. With their help, you can add fade-ins and fade-outs, text, camera movements and music. After the slideshow is finished, it can be burned to CD or DVD in order to be viewed on TV.

The MAGIX Slideshow: a movie theater-like experience

A photo slideshow is very similar to a movie. A story-telling order, cuts and fades between pictures or scenes and a soundtrack all add to the excitement on the screen. Programs that specialize in slideshow creation put an emphasis on providing easier access to advanced functions. This makes it a snap for PC users with little experience, who nonetheless often own a digital camera, to create a movie theater-like experience using their photos. In MAGIX PhotoStory on CD & DVD introductory videos explain the user exactly how to get to desired results, and quickly. Video effects and camera movements bring the slideshow stylistically closer to their role models on the big screen. And if you have a special song that brings memories to mind, the software has automatic help settings for letting it play as a soundtrack for your pictures.

If this year you want to give something more personal than the obligatory flowers, chocolates, perfume, socks or ties, then all you need is just a little time with PhotoStory on CD & DVD to turn your photos into a one-in-a-million slideshow.

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