Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NordicPhotos acquire Spegla Image agency

NordicPhotos that recently launched a new web site have now strengthen their range of Nordic images.

NordicPhotos, Image agency with offices in Stockholm, Reykjavik and Oslo have acquired the Swedish image agency Spegla. Spegla was founded in 2006 by photographer Eva Lindblad and designer Niklas Lindblad and currently consists of 20 represented photographers. Spegla has been described as an Image archive with integrity and personal content from young photographers and artists.

The founder Eva Lindblad depicts the Spegla collection:

"Spegla is a unique collection of Scandinavian images that values character over popularity, and self-made more than ready-made. A collection that stick out rather than fit in. All of the photographers have their own, personal visual expressions."

With the latest acquisition of Spegla agency, NordicPhotos now includes 9 strong Nordic image collections in their versatile range. Prior to this acquisition NordicPhotos collections include Mira, Tiofoto, IMS, Greatshots, Nordic, Siluet och Norwegian GV-Press. Furthermore they represent the Finish agency Gorilla, Samfoto from Norway and the Royalty Free collection Simply North. All of these collections including Spegla can be searched as separate collections on NordicPhotos Website. Besides acquisitions and a new web site NordicPhotos also increased their activities with assignment services through the new started photographer agency, Nordic Photographers.

Source: CEPIC

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