Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Endless MediaTM – See What You Think

Masterfile announces Endless MediaTM: the next generation web application that revolutionizes image searching for picture buyers.

Toronto / Düsseldorf (CANDANA, GERMANY), DECEMBER 2008 - Stock photo agency Masterfile Corporation has just launched its revolutionary new user interface, Endless MediaTM, heralding the next generation of online image searching. The project has been under wraps for more than a year with Masterfile’s development team while the company applied for international patents on the unique methodology and its underlying logic.

Endless Media's innovative features deliver new dimensions in image searching for industry professionals. It is simple, fast and efficient - enabling users to streamline their existing workflows. It reduces typing, eliminates “unproductive” mouse clicks and annoying pop-up windows while providing a unique display methodology that makes the site easier to navigate. Users can search deep in the collection without ever getting lost.

John McDonald, Masterfile’s Vice-President of Product Development and the technology’s creator, says “Think of it as visual logic for designers with the extreme speed of a desktop application. It’s a ‘type less and see more’ paradigm where users follow their own visual instincts to direct the search. There is nothing out there with its speed and simplicity… and this is just the beginning.”

Beyond the speed of the application, there are many new features built into it, including:

* An “endless” horizontal image display eliminates the concept of “pages”;
* The site’s unique design logic prevents users from losing their place when they refine their search within results.
* A powerful history feature allows users to review any of the images they’ve previewed a few minutes ago, or even a few months ago.
* An advanced and improved SimSearch® automatically displays visual similars as well as images from the same shoot whenever a user previews (enlarges) an image.

* An innovative ”pairing” feature allows users to use any image to find other visually similar images of a different subject. This feature is ideal for rapidly selecting multiple images for communications media based on a visual theme or design.
* There is support for hundreds of lightboxes and up to 4 active ones to enable users to save images for multiple projects/concepts in one pass.

Says Masterfile President, Steve Pigeon: “A year ago I said we were working on something that would make our competitors weep. This is it. We have taken the search for images to an entirely new level. With Endless MediaTM, you can see what you think.”

Source: CEPIC

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