Monday, December 8, 2008

Crestock: Introducing the New and Revamped Crestock Forum

[11/18/2008] The new and improved Crestock Forum is finaly live, with some nice surprises!
Written by: Josh Hodge

After many delays in development, we're pleased to finally be rolling out the new Crestock forum.

Have a browse around and enjoy some of the new sections we're building up:

* Crestock Panel of Pro's: We're very pleased to be have some 'microstock superstars' on-board in the forum, ready to answer questions and stimulate interesting discussions. Yuri Arcurs, Lee Torrens, Ron Sumners, Tyler Olsen, and Lev Dolgachov are here to discuss with you, argue with you and dispense great microstock wisdom!
* Microstock 101 - Here we're looking to build up a resource of knowledge related to microstock, especially the business and logistical aspects of distributing your portfolio.
* Crestock Design - We've received a lot of requests from designers and buyers about accomodating them with their own category in the new forum. Photographers, this is an interesting opportunity to get to know your target market a bit better.
* Crestock Café - Come in and solve the world's problems over a cup of steaming coffee. This is a place where relevance isn't a requirement. Discuss topics ina relaxed way with your peers.
* We'll be implementing and improving these sections, as well as adding some exciting new ones in the future.

Keep an eye out as we release new features and interesting discussion right here on the Crestock forum.

Finally we've spent a lot of time making sure this forum is as bug free as possible before launch. However, should you encounter any bugs, please report them to, and we'll do our best to fix them.

Source: Crestock

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