Thursday, December 4, 2008 Makes Ordering Prints Easier for Professional Photographers, the Professional Photographers Online Lab and E-commerce solution, has introduced a new system that enables photographers to quickly and easily order prints online through the company's online sales site for professional photographers.

Wilmington, DE (PRWeb) December 3, 2008 —, announced this week that it has enhanced its service line for professional photographers with the addition of the ROES (Remote Order Entry System) print ordering software. The new Java-based system will allow professional photographers who are members to create orders and release them to the lab directly from their Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X desktops.

“By adding ROES, we’re realizing our goal of providing professional photographers with the most comprehensive set of online business management tools available,” said President Joel Plotkin. “Now, other than going to the shoot, there’s simply no account task an member can't complete at the computer. That's huge.”

A professional photographer himself, Plotkin and his partners Eric Russell and Gerry Piotrowski started four years ago with the express idea of making managing a business and increasing profits easier for photographers. ”With ROES in our service range, we continue to make good on our commitment to our members,” said Piotrowski.

The system’s hallmark ease-of-use was key to the management team. As VP of Lab Operations Eric Russell explained, “Flexibility is a cornerstone of this system. ROES accommodates various studio work-styles: It's not a ‘force fit’ application at all.”

With ROES, arbitrary rotation, auto rotate, and fit are easily selectable in multiple ways; print sizes can be selected from a hierarchical menu or tabs; and common tools can be shown all at one time or associated with their related options. ROES offers the ability to select an product and define crops and rotations on images within that product. Once an order is composed, the photographer can review the items and add desired options to individual sizes, images, or the entire order.

“ROES fits beautifully into’s offering,” Plotkin summed up. Like all our products and services, it's designed to simplify pro photographers’ business tasks so they can concentrate on their real priority: the shoot.

Photographers interested in learning more about ROES are invited to visit

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