Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Widget Lets Photographers and Artists Quickly and Easily Profit from Their Online Images

ExposureManager Launches BuyThisImage!, a free widget that builds revenue for the artist with a nominal transaction fee deducted from each sale.

Torrance, CA December 10, 2008 -- ExposureManager, a full service online sales resource and photo processing lab, announces the launch of BuyThisImage! - a first-of-its-kind free web service that gives users the chance to create online revenue from the original photographs, illustrations and artwork they post to their blogs and websites. Available today at, BuyThisImage! is a simple to install widget that will change the way photographers and artists make their work available to their audience.

BuyThisImage! is compatible with all popular web browsers. Visitors to the poster's website or blog select specific images featuring the BuyThisImage! link and via drop-down check boxes, select to buy high quality photographic prints in sizes ranging from 5x7 inches up to 40x60 inches or as images printed on a number of specialty items such as coffee mugs, mouse pads and T-shirts. Pricing for the images and items for sale are pre-loaded at suggested retail prices but can also be adjusted based on image value as determined by the poster. If desired, products can also be configured for sale at cost.

"This new widget gives even casual web posters the opportunity to earn additional income from the sale of their images and artwork," said Donovan Janus, CEO of ExposureManager. "We realize that not everyone who posts to the web is set up as a business, which is why BuyThisImage! makes sense. We handle all transaction issues and send monthly payments to our subscribers whenever images are sold."

This revolutionary new widget can be incorporated into personal blogs or websites with a few easy steps. To begin, the user just creates a free account on; quickly installs the widget on their site; then selects which images they want to sell. With registration, an account is set up with BuyThisImage!, which is built on the sales platform of ExposureManager. BuyThisImage! handles the entire consumer purchase behind the scenes--from initial ordering to printing, shipping and handling--for a nominal transaction fee that includes credit card processing. Once a person purchases an image, the poster is notified to upload a high resolution file to their BuyThisImage! account for processing. Net proceeds are paid directly to posters by BuyThisImage! on a monthly basis.

For more information on BuyThisImage! - or to view a demo video - visit

Source: PRWeb

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Guy said...

Very cool idea. Too bad they only payout using US checks. Hope they change that.

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