Monday, December 8, 2008

Dreamstime Expands to Welcome Russian Market

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- is pleased to announce it will present its gallery of photos to a brand new, international buying public. In partnership with, Dreamstime will extend its global reach to offer the best-valued stock photography that money can buy to customers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and surrounding areas.

Dreamstime has aligned itself with Phototimes (located in Rostov-on-Don, Russia) to effectively cater to the Russian market and expand photo shopping options among Russian Internet users. A custom-tailored site and exclusive Dreamstime distribution outlet, and in keeping with Dreamstime’s business model, Phototimes was designed to offer premium, top-of-the-line, quality images and customer service within a comprehensive Russian language environment.

“Although we currently offer our service in many other countries and in many different languages, we make it our first priority to consider with care the regulations and variables that distinguish one from the other,” Serban Enache, CEO and co-creator of Dreamstime said. “The Phototimes team of designers have an already-established history of success, both from a technological and communicational aspect, with the market. This will enable Dreamstime to successfully reach more customers in this powerful and growing market, while delivering the right images to the Russian photo-buying public.”

Created with the sole purpose of representing Dreamstime imagery (making images available for purchase only), Phototimes will become the first micro stock photo outlet in Russia. (PhotoTimes/

The primary buying sources of micro stock in Russia are the publishing houses (primarily catering to magazines and newspapers). Dreamtime’s catalog of images will satisfy with ease the current demands of these publishing houses while effectively making images available to a new group of photo buyers including individuals, advertising agencies, the media and web designers. (In Russia alone, there are 78,000,000 companies with representative web sites.)

“Dreamstime is simple and logical and purchasing Dreamstime images will be made easy for our customers,” said Tamara Kvikviniya, who overseas Phototimes’ foreign economic and trade relations. “We intend to follow that very same model to provide a good service that makes good sense.”

Serving the world over, has a customer base of 1 Million-plus users and offers more than 4 million images in nine different languages (including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German and Portuguese), making this platinum-selling agency one of the top-rated in the industry. The Dreamstime library of images features an unlimited assortment of model released lifestyle images in the business and family genres as well as a vast collection of travel, nature, sports, industry and health, and wellness photographs in addition to distinctive imagery [sketches, graphic art and backgrounds] in high quality reprint formats from over 50,000 contributors.

Source: Business Wire

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