Monday, September 8, 2008

MINOX with a world premiere at the photokina 2008 - Digital spy camera establishes new MINOXgraphy

Spys love it: small, intelligent and very reliable. MINOX cameras have been the dream tool of undercover agents for almost 75 years. To allow this legend to continue in the digital age, miniature optics specialists from Wetzlar have designed the MINOX DSC. This is a miniature camera that features the former 8x11 dimensions and at the same time boasts state-of-the-art technology.

This world premiere with cult potential is on show for the first time at the photokina 2008: This is also where MINOX is presenting everything the future “private-eye” needs for capturing spontaneous, candid digital images, from belt buckle cameras to a filming fountain pen.

The MINOX booth - designed as a spy workshop – focuses on the new MINOX DSC. Here the visitor can discover the possibilities offered by this new License to Shoot – the slogan of the fair presentation: fast, unobtrusive, candid photography - the new digital MINOXgraphy.

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Source: MINOX

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MikLav said...

Oh I thought MINOX doesn't exist anymore. Will have a look when I will go to photokina...

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